iPhone Touch Disease Repair

One of the very common faults on the iPhone 6 plus (and the iPhone 6) is touch disease.

Some of the common symptoms are, Grey bars at the top of the screen, Unresponsive touch screen, screen freezing and having to restart or bend the phone for the touch screen to work again.

This problem is caused by flexion of the board inside the phone, every movement in the housing passes through to the motherboard and over time traces are damaged in the motherboard. In the 6 plus the M1 pad under the touch ic breaks away from its track and causes touch disease, when the phone is twisted in a certain way or reset sometimes the connection is restored and this is why the issue can be intermittent.

Micro soldering repairs are able to remove the meson, the touch ic, run a jumper wire to repair the broken trace and restore connection to the M1 pad, we will then reball the touch ic and reflow it in place,?resolving the issue and restoring full touch functionality. We use the latest tools to do these jobs including a bottom heater to ensure that no other component is damaged during this repair.

The jumper wire put in place is much stronger and less vulnerable than the original trace, meaning further flexion of the motherboard will not cause the connection to break in the future.

This fault is seen almost daily, along with other common problems like the audio ic repair on the iPhone 7, baseband repairs for no service or searching faults and Tristar replacements for charging issues.

At micro soldering repairs we repair almost any issue with Iphones, to see if we can help you or your repair company please feel free to get in touch.