If you run a repair company and need a micro soldering specialist your in the right place. We are experts at board level repairs on many devices, we mainly repair apple devices but also carry out board level repairs on a wide range of electronics.

We support a lot of repair shops in the UK, undertaking all board level and water damage repairs on their behalf. We offer great business to business rates so that our customers can profit from our repairs as well as us and offer a fast turn around on all common faults.

In the past we spent many years sending our devices off to several different board level repairers, all with bad results, either very slow turn around time, poor workmanship with faults returning within a few weeks, new issues arising after the initial ‘repair’ or awful customer service. Or maybe all of the above!

Because of this we decided to start to do these ourselves in house. After many years of learning and mastering the art or micro soldering we have achieved amazing results and are able to pass these on to our clients.

If you would like to discuss working with us please feel free to get in touch, we take great pride in our work and offer a guarantee on all repairs. We treat your clients devices like our own and thrive to ensure a happy customer at the end of every repair.