TV Repairs

Got a TV that is in disrepair?

Maybe someone has had an accident with the new smart TV and your warranty doesn’t cover it and every which way you turn costs are far surpassing the cost of a new TV. Many people at this stage will put it up for sale for a £10-£50 (in some cases free) and will not know that there is a company out there that could repair it.

An affordable repair that will only take a short amount of time could result in your TV seeing a new lease of life and giving you many more years viewing pleasure without you spending out hundreds (if not thousands) more on a new TV.

Televisions are made up with lots of components and it goes without saying that sometimes these parts can malfunction. On some occasions it can be just a small wire that has got loose or sometimes a group of capacitors have blown and just need upgrading for it to work again.

Maybe your experiencing sound but no image or a backlight failure?

It could also be that the main AV board needs replacing or repairing. Being micro soldering experts we can generally fix every TV that comes to us with board faults because we have the equipment and know how to get it done right first time around.

We are one of the only companies in the UK that can replace single LED’s on your LED backlight array. Bringing your TV back to life at very low costs. We fault find to component level which means we can repair your board instead of spending hundreds on replacements.

Sound like the type of company you would like to work with? Why not get in touch today on 07972 841152 or fill in the simple form here and we will come back to you as soon as we can