iphone 6 no image repair

We recently received another iPhone 6 with no image.

This iPhone was displaying nothing at all, no image or backlight. We tested with a known good LCD with no change, upon inspection we found a mark under the overfill on C2039 on the PP1V8_LCM_CONN line.

This line provides power to the LCD and when short it will stop the screen from displaying any image. We used our scalpel and gentle heat to remove the overfill, then the micro hot tweezers to remove the capacitor. Next we cleaned up the pads and fitted a new capacitor to the circuit.

After replacement the screen came straight on to show a fully working phone!

This is not a very common issue on the iPhone 6 but due to our experience we always know where and what to look at first making the repair turn around as fast as possible. We repair all iPhone board faults, been told your phone can’t be fixed elsewhere? Get in touch today!