iPhone 7 Audio IC

iPhone 7 audio IC failure, the signature fault in iPhone 7 models.
Now that the iPhone 7 model has been around for a while we have seen a lot of their signature failing points.

The most common fault within the iPhone 7 family is the audio IC fault also known as loop disease and audio codec failure. This fault is usually caused by a broken trace on the C12 pad, it is this line that causes the slow booting and speaker issues.

The common symptoms you may be experiencing are:

  • People cannot hear you during calls
  • You cannot hear other people in calls
  • Static/feedback noises through your earpiece during calls
  • Greyed out speaker
  • Sound does not record during videos
  • Siri can’t hear you
  • Voice memos don’t work
  • Phone takes a very long time to boot
  • Infinite boot loop, but you can feel home button working
  • Some itunes error codes can also be caused by this


The main cause of these issues is the C12 pad, this connects the audio IC to the master clock circuit. The trace leading to this pad gets damaged from drops, bending of the housing and general abuse over time. The trace runs along the top of the board and is a weak point on the logic board similar to the touch disease problems on the 6 plus. There are also 3 other traces in the same area that can be damaged, we run jumpers for all 4 during every repair to make this a long lasting, future proof repair for our customers.

This fault is like the touch disease of the iphone 7, it is caused by flexion of the board inside the case and will occur in a large number of devices, we have repaired hundreds of these already, the iphone 7 was a very popular model and we are seeing this issue on a daily basis.

To do this repair we use top of the range microsoldering equipment including a bottom heater to ensure that there is no overheating of surrounding components. We have years of experience in logic board repairs and most common faults are repaired within 48 hours.

The repair process to fix this fault includes removing the audio IC, repairing broken connections to the common pads that break, we always make 4 jumpers to ensure that this is a true fix and the fault will not return in the future. The original IC is tested, if it is still functioning properly, we will reball the IC and refit your original, if not we will replace with a brand new audio IC to ensure that the fault is rectified. We do require your passcode for this repair so that the device can be tested properly before and after completion.

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