iPhone Repairs

If you have a iPhone or multiple phones that are in need of board repairs our technicians are able to fault find to component level and repair it

for you in no time at all.

That simply means that we are able to remove and replace c

ertain parts such as IC’s, capacitors and filters that may be faulty or damaged to

bring your device back to life.

We offer general repairs as well as board level repairs but we do it all in a specialist manner that ensures your phone is fixed quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road with a phone that works like new in no time at all.


Has your phone been repaired elsewhere and your having problems since?

Has your phone just randomly died or stopped charging?

iPhone not charging or rapid battery drain?

Been told elsewhere that it isn’t repairable?

Maybe your having some of the common touch screen, signal or audio issues on apple devices?


Whether you are a phone owner that needs a simple repair, you run a repair company that needs a micro soldering specialist to carry out repairs that you cannot do? Even if you run a business that is looking to get a maintenance service put in place for security and peace of mind our team will help you with a friendly and professional approach from start to finish.

So if your looking for micro soldering repairs or just need advice why not give us a ring today on 07972 841152 or fill in the simple form here and we will come back to you as soon as we can