iPhone 6S DIY attempt no image

We have seen so many DIY phone repair attempts gone wrong over the years that we are rarely surprised by what we find anymore!

One recent job was an iPhone 6s that a customer had replaced the screen on. We found several issues with this device all cause by improper installation of the replacement screen, this is very common.

The phone was brought in displaying no image or backlight, we tested it with another screen but this did not resolve the issue. Under further inspection the connector for the LCD was slightly damaged, with the ground pin shorting to pin 44 on the AP_TO_TOUCH_CLK32K_RESET_CONN_L line, this did not seem to be causing an issue after bending the grounding pin back.

The filter FL4205 had blown on the PP1V8_LCM_CONN line, along with FL4200 on the PP5V7_LCM_AVDDH line. C4201 was also causing a full short to ground on the same line.

After replacing these components and repairing the FPC connector we have restored image but still receive no backlight.

Upon further inspection we find FL4211 on the PP_LCM_BL_ANODE backlight line is blown, this is replaced and we have the client’s phone back up and running in perfect condition, ready to be put back to use.

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