iPhone 7 home button repair

An iPhone 7 was brought in after a recent screen replacement from a shop down the road from us.

Unfortunately since the repair they have been experiencing intermittent home button problems. They returned to the previous repairer to be told that it was not fixable. This is quite a common issue on the iPhone 7 after poor screen replacements and is usually caused by the repairer damaging the turtle IC (Home button chip). This IC is glass and very delicate, a tiny chip or pressure from underneath is all it takes to damage it.

At Pratts Pods and microsolderingrepairs.co.uk we are able to replace or re-ball this IC and bring your home button back to life. We carry out this repair regularly due to poor quality repairs and urge people to take their devices to professional repairers to avoid this issue. This is a specialist repair and cannot be carried out by many technicians. If you have problems with your home button please get in touch.