iPhone SE restarting and battery jumps

This week we received an iphone SE that had battery issues after a screen replacement. The battery percentage would jump up and down and the phone would randomly turn off. This was a common issue on the 5s series, usually caused by components by the battery connector being knocked off or damaged during repair.

This iphone SE was exactly the same, when the repairer had disconnected the battery they had knocked FL2400 off of the board, causing the battery issues. This filter is in a very tight space and is very hard to get to. The way we go about this is by applying solder to the pads using our micro tweezers, then putting the new filter in position and using heat with a very low airflow to reattach the filter back into its position. After the repair we tested the phone to make sure the battery would behave normally, staying at a steady percentage, charging normally and not turning itself off. The issue was resolved and we had yet another happy customer!