Macbook Air backlight water damage repair

We received a macbook air in from a new customer who had attempted a diy repair after spilling a glass of wine on it.
The customer knew about electronics so decided to attempt to repair it themselves. They had let the wine dry out and cleaned the motherboard with pcb cleaner. After cleaning the macbook would still not power up. they had checked the battery and that was fine, so from there they where a bit stumped.
They brought it in for us to have a look at and i was able to disconnect the battery and plug the charger in to force the macbook to boot, we heard a chime but had nothing on the screen. Next we connected an external display and could see that the macbook was powered on. We had no response from the keyboard or trackpad.
Next we took a look at the motherboard to see if we could visually find the cause for these issues. We noticed that the LVDS FPC (screen connector) had corroded and a few of the pads where no longer connected to the connector so this needed replacing. We disconnected the cable from the connector and tested for voltage which we got, so we replaced the 30 pin LVDS FPC.
We also checked the cable which looked corroded on pins 20 & 21. This meant that we had to remove the screen bezel, hinge and cover to be able to replace the cable. For us this is an easy job and requires patience and practice to be able to do this without causing further damage. Most repair shops will just replace the whole screen at a high cost instead of doing this.
We proceeded to disassemble the screen then found that the LVDS FPC on the bottom of the screen was also burnt on the same pins meaning that this would need to be replaced as well as the cable.
Next we checked to see why the keyboard and trackpad where not working. We found that the keyboard would need to be replaced and that the trackpad had corrosion on the connector which just needed cleaning to fix it.
We then quoted the client who was more than happy to go ahead as the costs where far cheaper than replacing the macbook. Within 24 hours of acceptance the macbook was back in one piece and fully working.
Another successful repair and another happy customer.

If you have had an accident with your macbook and apple have quoted to replace your motherboard please get in touch, we can save hundreds on repair costs by repairing your board rather than replacing it!