ipad air no power, previous repair attempt put right

This week we have had an ipad Air 1 arrive that has had a previous repair attempt for no power.
For all repairers any previous repair attempts are usually much more difficult to solve as you never know what the previous repairer may have done to the device. Whether they have overheated components causing bridging under IC’s or damaging parts of the phone, generally these repairs can end in several faults needing rectifying, this particular job included.
So to start this job off we plugged the ipad into charge through our ammeter and saw that it would not pull any current at all.
Upon opening the device we could clearly see that the charging port had been replaced, there were marks on the battery which shows the board had been removed and hopefully the battery tested. The main EMI shield had also been removed and not refitted, showing marks around the tristar (charging ic) this had clearly been replaced, although the job did look good with no major damage to surrounding components. We did however notice that the IC fitted was model 1610A3 where the Air 1 should be 1610A1. From experience we know that the Air 1 in particular is very picky as to which tristar ic it works with, in a lot of idevices these are changeable but on the Air 1 we never swap for another version as we know this can cause issues.
We next removed the board and connected up to our DC power supply. We then pressed the power button and the ipad booted up and seemed to work fine other than charging. We then knew that we were definitely up against a charging issue rather than a no power issue.

So from this we decided to first go to replacing the tristar ic with the correct version. We did this and checked voltages but unfortunately still had no power on the charging circuit. Next we turned to testing the charging port which looked terrible. After removing the previously replaced port we found several pads missing. After checking we found that 2 where for speaker lines and the others where ground so would not be a huge issue.
We cleaned up the pads and fitted a new port, we then cleaned and tested the ipad. After replacement the battery appears to charge perfectly but we did have problems with sound so we then ran jumpers from the charging port to the correct test points for the missing speaker line pads restoring the sound.
After this we covered the exposed solder pads and refitted the board into the ipad and charged it up fully to test the device. After passing our tests it was resealed and returned to the customer who was delighted to have their device back and working after having a bad experience with another 3rd party high street repair shop.