iphone 7 water damage repair

Last month we received an iphone 7 in the post from another shop after they had cleaned the motherboard for water damage. The board did not look very corroded, just a few spots but nothing major.


We plugged it into our power supply which showed us that there was a short on the VCC main power line. We removed the board and checked for heat which seemed to come from the bottom of the board on the back near tristar. We looked and could see one cap C3710 near the tristar IC that was discoloured, we removed this and the short cleared. Next we assembled the phone and tested that it would power up, it did.

We then tested basic functions and found that the home button and taptics where not working. There was a lot of corrosion around the home button FPC so tested it with a new screen, which brought back the button functionality but not the touch ID. i then checked the button properly under the microscope and found that the fpc was very corroded. 2 pins had separated from their pads and where not connecting to the flex. We resoldered these connection and tried again on the new screen which resolved the issue.

We still had no taptics so searched the board for a reason, we found corrosion around U3502 the arc driver  that is connected to the taptic engine so we removed it, we cleaned the pads, reballed the IC and refitted it. The taptics kicked back in and we had another fully working phone. This repair did take a little longer than most due to there being various faults but we still had it back up and running within 48 hours, if it was just a data recovery job then we could have turned it around a lot faster but as the client wanted their phone back working so we did the extra work to suit their needs.

Just another service offered by the team at microsoldering repairs.


iPhone 6S no power water damage repair

We had an iphone 6s in from a new customer that was reported for not turning on.

We plugged it in to charge through our usb ammeter but had no response at all from our charger.

When we first opened the device we could clearly see that it had had the shields removed and had been cleaned for water damage already. We next checked it plugged into the dc power supply. The phone turned on fine and seemed to have basic functionality.

We removed the board from the phone and found that the device had already been worked on previously, the tigris usb IC and the small audio IC had both been removed, we assume that these were damaged and possibly causing a short originally and that’s why they had been removed. We cleaned the areas and fitted new IC’s to test the phone. We tested for shorts and found none so we plugged a battery and charging port in to see if the phone would now charge. When plugged into the ammeter it appeared to charge up fine so we decided to reassemble the device.

Once reassembled we tested the phone, the battery charged fine, all audio was there, on headphones and both speakers. We where unable to find any further faults so we packaged it up and sent it back to our customer.