iPhone 7 Plus no power water damage repair

We had an iphone 7 plus in recently after our customer had cleaned the phone after water damage and the phone would still not turn on. The water damage was minor and had only affected the top of the board. Upon inspection we had a 5 amp short on VDD main. We checked over the … Continue reading iPhone 7 Plus no power water damage repair

iphone 7 water damage repair

Last month we received an iphone 7 in the post from another shop after they had cleaned the motherboard for water damage. The board did not look very corroded, just a few spots but nothing major.   We plugged it into our power supply which showed us that there was a short on the VCC … Continue reading iphone 7 water damage repair

iPhone 6 tristar 1v8 line repair

We recently received an iphone 6 that was not charging. A new charging port and battery had already been fitted by another shop and not solved the issue. We connected new ones and still the phone would not charge. We disassembled the phone and removed the shield over tristar expecting it to be a standard … Continue reading iPhone 6 tristar 1v8 line repair

iPhone 6S Error 9 repair

A couple of weeks ago we received an iphone 6s in for no power. The phone was clean and did not appear to have been opened before. We plugged it into our charger through the ammeter and the phone pulled the expected current. We plugged it into the PC and it connected to itunes in … Continue reading iPhone 6S Error 9 repair

iphone 6 plus greyed out wifi

This week we received a phone from a customer that had brought it from another shop only 2 months ago fully working and within this time the wifi had stopped working. The iphone 6 plus was in good condition. We tested the device to find that the wifi switch was greyed out and they were … Continue reading iphone 6 plus greyed out wifi

iPhone 6s overheated and turned off no power repair

We had a customer in this week with an iphone 6s that had gotten very hot and stopped working. We connected to our ammeter and found that it was not charging at all. After this we opened it up and connected to our dc power supply, there was no amp draw even when we pressed … Continue reading iPhone 6s overheated and turned off no power repair

common iphone not charging fault

There is a very common issue across many apple devices, from iphone 5s up to the 8 and ipad mini through to the ipad 6 2018 which is the dreaded not charging, fake charging or rapid battery drain issues. These are all commonly caused by a faulty/damaged Tristar charging IC and in some models the … Continue reading common iphone not charging fault