iPhone 7 audio ic repair, with a twist!

Recently we had an iPhone 7 in from a regular that had the classic audio IC symptoms of C12 pad damage. The phone would take a few minutes to boot, hung on the apple logo with home button vibrations, once booted it was very slow and we could not record voice memos. We also couldn’t hear on the phone and loud speaker was greyed out.

So we went about repairing the C12 pad damage as usual on any iphone 7 audio IC repair. When we lifted the IC up off the board there was no damage to any of the usual traces, all pads where firmly in place. We ran jumpers as normal anyway, reballed the IC and refitted it to the board. Unfortunately there was no change! We then removed the ic and replaced it incase the chip itself was faulty. This made no change either! We then checked the components around the audio IC and found the the resistor R1103 off of the C12 pad was faulty and needed to be replaced. We have done hundreds of audio ic repairs, and this was the first time we have seen it caused by this faulty resistor.

We tested the phone which was all working again, we then cleaned the board and reassembled the device. It was returned to our customer who was happy to have it back.

We have never seen this resistor cause audio IC problems before, but now that we have we will always check this before removing the IC, we don’t know if the IC was faulty too or if it was just this resistor all along but we know for sure that next time we see this faulty resistor we will find out.

The reason we love board level repair is because you can always learn something new, like when a classic repair turns into something a bit different for a change it makes your mind work a little bit harder.


Iphone 7 audio IC

There is a very common fault in the iPhone 7 family called audio disease or audio ic failure. This issue usually starts with a phone taking a very long time to boot (sometimes 5 minutes) and intermittent problems with hearing people and people hearing you on the phone.

As the fault develops further the speaker phone option will be greyed out, voice memos won’t work and sometimes the phone will get stuck on the apple logo.

These are all very common symptoms and are a design flaw on this model. The fault develops due to flexion of the mother board near the sim reader, which just like touch disease on the iPhone 6 Plus is caused by tracks being damaged. The fault often develops after the phone is dropped of bent and can often arise after your screen breaks.

All these issues can all be resolved by removing the audio ic, repairing the broken tracks and rebuilding the missing padsZ there is usually one main line that breaks which is the c12 pad.

When we repair audio issues on the iPhone 7 we will run jumper cables to 4 different pads making sure that the issue will not return again in the future and strengthening the connection.

The jumper cables that are installed are much stronger than the original board traces making this a long term fix. On the rare occasion that the IC itself is faulty we can also replace this to guarantee a true fix.

At micro soldering repairs we take pride in our work and carry out this repair daily. Are you experiencing any of these problems? Or do you run a repair shop and looking for a company to outsource your microsoldering repairs to? Why not get in touch today for more information on our services and our B2B rates?